Dirty Coke Cola

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Open Coke, Open Dirtiness

Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction, once you drink a glass of cold Coca Cola.  It’s so refreshing.  The drink is thirst quenching.  Coke has been the most common beverage that almost everybody loves.  Coke does not come out of the table, whether before or after eating.  Even if it is during hot or cold weather, Coke does not escape from anybody’s eyes.  Indeed, Coca cola has been part of all people’s lives.

However, what are you going to do if you find a sachet of Nescafe inside a sealed bottle of Coke?  Isn’t it disgusting?  Yes, to my dismay, I found it myself.  I am also an avid supporter of Coca Cola products, especially Coke!  I can not last a day without drinking one.  So one sunny day, I decided to buy one for myself.  Unfortunately, I encountered the worst nightmare of my life.  My newly-bought 1 Liter of Coke bottle had a cut part of Nescafe sachet in it floating!  I wasn’t able to open the bottle yet!  I felt like I was going to puke!  I never imagined that I would be able to see that awful kind of stuff from a reputable company of beverages.

How frustrating can it get that the country’s leading manufacturer of sodas can be able to do such disgusting negligence.  I was totally turned off by what I found out.  The company had been in the industry for a very long time now; it is expected to be giving their consumers the best of their products.  These beverages should be safe, because people drink them.  Once the company failed to implement cleanliness in their factories, they will definitely put all their customers’ lives in danger.  Young and old, rich or poor, everyone is buying their products.  And these consumers, including myself, deserve to have the best, cleanest and safest Coke!  When I got that Coke in my hand, I had so many things that came into my mind.  Was the Coke that I, and all the rest of the consumers, really safe to drink?  What if the bottle that I bought before, had also an unidentified floating thing while it was made, I could have drunk a dirty Coke!  Is their factory really clean?  Are they using clean bottles?  I mean things like that will typically hover in your mind.  And I can not blame myself for thinking that stuff. 

After that unpleasant incident, I immediately made my complaint to the company.  I sent it through email.  I appreciate their quick response on my concern.  They made necessary interrogations and promised me that a representative from their regional office will drop by to our house for actual inspection of the bottle.  By the way, I kept the bottle and I didn’t open it.  It will serve as the evidence.  After a few days, a representative came to our house.  She conducted her own investigation.  But before she left, she gave me 2 dozens of 1.5L Coke regular and Coke Zero.  I asked her what that was for. That was given to us in good faith.  She also told my I could have reported it immediately to their office.  Why do I have to send it through email?  I didn’t like that statement of her. 

First of all, I was the one who was victimized by their negligence.  So why do I have to put so much effort on going to their office just to tell my complaint.  I chose to do it at my own convenience.  And why was she had to tell me that?  Was she afraid that the public would know about their laxity?  Their poor quality control?  I think the public deserve to know about it.  Who knows, anyone might have the chance to encounter the same thing that I had, or maybe even worst.  This carelessness can lead into something serious, endangering other people’s lives.  And I could not stand keeping my mouth shut about this.  I have to warn everyone, because they can be a victim too.  And if that time comes, I certainly will not be surprised anymore.  

So to management of Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines, please do something about this.  You have a lot of consumers, please be aware that you need to take care of us.  We are the life of your business.  Give us assurance on the quality of all your products, because we deserve them! 

This incident happened in Davao City.  Top management of the company, kindly check your offices and factories here in our place.  Please know who the right person responsible for this issue.  Below is the picture of the actual bottle that I bought.  You can judge it for yourself. 


  1. What happened to your complaint?

    Was their flimsy attempt to bribe you and and utter arrogance the end of it?


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Dirty Coke Cola